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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  March 16, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. >>. >> geraldo: i'm geraldo rivera reporting that new york's restriction size on soft drinks have stirred up a national debate. what is being called a nanny state and provided the funniest moment at cpac which ended today outside the nation's capitol. >> we strongly believe that in the end the courts will recognize to regulate the sale of beverages that have no nutritional value and is leading to disease and death to thousands of people every year.
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bloomberg is not around. we're cool. it's just pop with ice, i hope that is okay. what did you think was in it? >> geraldo: a supersized new york judge has stopped the order for now but the city is appealing saying restricting soda size reduces sugar consumption and thereby reducing obesity but arguing people have the right to be fat, lawmakers in the nation's most obese state mississippi passed what they are calling the anti-bloomberg bill. it makes it illegal to regulate portion size and calorie counts on menus. state senator tony smith that owns a chain of barbecue joints. senator smith, is this the
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freedom to be fat bill? >> i hope it's more than that. here in mississippi we see it is an intrusion in our rights to operate a legal business. it's comforting to know that sarah palin is on board with me. >> geraldo: she certainly is. you know that obesity is bad for people? >> absolutely. we recognize that in our state. let's start off the program by saying a few weeks ago, first lady obama, michelle obama was in town. she was celebrating at one of our school districts in clinton, mississippi there has been a reduction of 13% of childhood obesity. so mississippi is doing good things. i don't think we need more government involvement in an industry like a food services industry to be the whipping stock of the nation. >> geraldo: what about the argument that a fat person is
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really particularly because so often obesity and poverty run hand in hand, that is person that you are going to have to pay for and why not restrict the color intake if it is possible? why not try to mandate good rules? >> i could agree with you on that. here is what our bill says. we are going to reserve that authority to the state legislature. we don't want a hodgepodge of resumes and regulations so you would have no consistency whatsoever. we believe it's the best interests of the people of mississippi to control that from the state level. if there is regulations that need to be implemented let's get with the trade organizations and the heart association and we'll work together to form these regulations and have something that is consistent throughout our state. >> geraldo: with me here in new york, is mimi ross, the founder of national action against obesity. so what in response to senator
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smith? do you think people are so silly so self-destructive they need the state to be the nanny to order them to drink 16-ounce sodas? >> let's look at the results. the average person is overweight or obese. >> geraldo: the average person? >> yes. two-thirds of our population is overweighted or obese. that includes the sickly people are eating well and taking care of them sels. only 8% eat right and don't excess and don't smoke. only 8% of s even trying. >> what about what senator smith says, we get that. in this country you have the freedom to be fat? >> it's like what tony was saying. he doesn't have a problem regulation with the state. i'm very curious what he has in
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mind. he wants state regulation. tony, why don't you let us know what you have in mind. >> the whole purpose of this is not to have every city and state have their own regulations. as a restaurant operator i would operate under one set of standards. >> what do you have in mind. what do you suggest? >> look, we're doing things like in mississippi. i brought some notes so i can quote this properly. we are doing things to support getting fresh foods from the farms to the restaurants. we implemented processes to do that. we are developing a lot of walking trails and bike trails in the state. >> what do you have against companies being transparent. i actually agree in an adult has trite for anything in their body but they need to get inform consent. tell us what is in the product and risks are and how many
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calories in the product it informs the consumer but it sounds like you are against informing the consumer? >> i have a study consumer freedom. >> i would like to hear one that is impartial? >> it thrill says the study found there no change of calories consumed by new yorkers >> they have seen some change. what are you against having giving people against information? >> i have nothing. but that needs to start in the schools. that needs to start at home. >> and right and it needs to be where you are buying food. you can buy this. this is hundred ounce soda buy it for 9.99 and get a refill. so if somebody is willing to buy this and eat to the point where
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they are overweight they need to pick up the tab for the consequence hand is not happening in the country. there is a cost of suffering. then you have the cost of obesity and related medical concerns like type two diabetes. you take a personal choice to make on others pay for it. >> from what i understand --. >> geraldo: it's like an oil tanker. [ laughter ] >> you can go to restaurant and you can't buy a 16-ounce drink but i could buy two or three of them. there is so much inconsistency with the regulation that won't work. >> it shows that you study any behavioral psychology. if you put a candy on your desk
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versus six feet away, you will eat the candy on your desk. what we are looking at the nation the average size of a woman is 5'4" and 136 pounds. can you see me? this is much too big. this is average. >> yeah, that is hefty. that is what i way. tony, i've been around a long time. when i started, the average soda size was six ounces and then they went to 12 ounces. wow, you had this big massive drink then 16 and now i haven't seen the 100 before but i have seen the 32. i think that you can make the argument that you can track the obesity of america with the growing size of the average portion of soft drinks? >> we're not even talking about the lack of exercise that are kids are getting now. we let our kids come home and do
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their play station. they are not getting proper exercise at school. there is a lot more to this than picking out the food service. >> if you drink one soda you have to run two miles. so a soda 16 ounces is not a bad idea and for us to making the connection that every time we drink a soda. >> geraldo: do you get on his husband's case when he drinks soda? >> i grew up in atlanta. i drink coca-cola but i run four miles every day. i watch what i eat and i soda al drink. i'm not saying i can never do it but most of us --. >> geraldo: you wanted to send a love letter to mayor bloomberg? >> i love him and i wish he would reconsider his position. we invite you to come to
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mississippi. >> geraldo: i'll convey the message. mimi, thank you very much. we have a great show four including a very funny exclusive with basketball great and amateur diplomat dennis rodman. and another exclusive the creators of number one series the bible. they will be here to talk about emergency from moses to jesus to pope francis and beauty queen the devil on a christian website. want to give your family more vitamins, omega 3s,
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>>. >> geraldo: time for prime time report tonight. my brother investigates the charge a christian dating website failed to check out a sex predator that went after a beauty queen. >> he seemed like a caring person. >> spontaneous love connections like this one depicted in the iconic moment from world war ii has been replaced by the internet.
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now online dating has surpassed even the bar scene in terms of meeting your match. but here in san diego, 37-year-old sean banks is sitting behind bars accused of raping a woman that he met on a christian dating site. now investigators are hearing from women around the nation about the man who alleged to be a serial rapist. >> if i would have listened to my instincts i never would have continued to talk to him. i trusted this christian persona that was displayed. >> 26-year-old miss irvine in the beauty pageant was looking for a lasting relationship when she went on christian mingle and met a hand some naval officer. >> you are very strikingly beautiful woman. you are accomplished. you were a beauty contestant. why would you go online to meet someone who you don't know who they really are?
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>> that is a great question. i feel very dumb. >> she tried to limit their relationship to the website but she claims banks managed to track her down? >> he called me quite a few times. he answered and he said he had been arrested for multiple rape charges. that it wasn't true and should not talk to police. >> banks was arrested in february when another woman he met under christian mingle told police he raped her. as a result of the publicity a second woman he met online claims she was date raped back in 2009. >> this time she was drugged. he woke up and behind her and raping her. gets her him off of her. leaves. she sends another text, what the hell is all about and his response is call my lawyer. >> do you believe in your heart
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had you gone on the day with sean you would have been his next victim? >> i do. that is very scary feeling. i feel grateful that didn't happen to me but to help the other women. >> banks faces four charges, rape and burglary and tried to dissuade a with it. he is being held on a million dollars bail. >> what the judge said what you did to victoria and try to intimidate here and witness tampering essentially shows that you have no regard whatsoever for the law, how serious this is. >> an allegation at the time this is alleged to have occurred the alleged victim told no one, she reported no one and reported to law enforcement. >> gretchen represents sean. >> sometimes they feel guilt
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this actually happened. and base of that guilt complex, i didn't really want to do these type of actions because a good girl doesn't do these types of actions. >> as a woman and mother, you mean that no means no? >> yes as a criminal defense attorney i know the accusations are easy to make and difficult to disprove. once your reputation is besmirched it's hard on get it back. >> she believes banks is a serial predator and urges people to come forward. >> i would be praying to god that other women would support me and help me. the evidence that i have against sean is helping their case. i know that it is crucial component to proving what he has done to them and crucial component to keeping them safe and future victims safe. >> reporter: behind school, friends and family, online dating is the third most popular way for singles to meet.
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hundreds of thousands of couples get married as a direct result of these online dating sites but it's buyer beware when it comes to using these websites. make sure you meet people in the public area and get to know who that person really is before putting yourself in a vulnerable position. >> geraldo: thanks. good advice. the trial is over over in the stubenville rape case and should the n.f.l. be allowed draft picks if they are gay? and then dennis rodman returns after this. yeah. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru.
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>>. >> geraldo: at notre dame player imaginary dying girlfriend
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scandal and he was covering up his own homosexuality and various n.f.l. teams have been asking prospects whether or not they were gay. so the issue is getting more heated. chris cullly ver of the san francisco 49ers that gays would not be welcome on his team on the 49ers in san francisco of all places. what is the deal with gays and pro football. let's ask the straight and all pro running back, steven jackson joins me. good to see you again. what do you think about this? is there a secret anti-gay bias within the n.f.l.? is this what the teo and all the reverberations reveal? >> i think we're coming into a new generation where things and hot topic items like this come up. you have some players that are
7:25 pm
young and don't understand the platform they are on in the n.f.l. the one thing about n.f.l. players and coaches, they want the best players on the team and field. if the guy is a homosexual and he a good player, no one thinks about that. only thing people think about is winning. >> geraldo: do you think you have played a gay player? >> i think i have. it's uncomfortable to come out because in the n.f.l. and football itself, it's like an alpha male support. >> geraldo: what about what chris sed with the 49ers? >> it's difficult to come out and say that. he should have put his personal views on the team or locker room. >> geraldo: in terms of teo and what is your view of aftermath of that? >> it's going very difficult for him. whatever the locker room he will
7:26 pm
be prejudged. this is what you hope he doesn't do. you hope he doesn't go out of his way to try to show people something that he is not. a favorite in the locker room. he should be himself. he made a mistake, a huge mistake, but he shouldn't go out of his way to try to tease anyone. >> geraldo: are you implying that he is gay but trying to be match cho covering up his gayness or not? >> i'm not sure if he is gay or not. if he is, he should stick of his guns and if he is not he shouldn't go out of way to show he is not. >> geraldo: is it because he is not fast enough or big enough? >> he has to deal with the fallout. she embarrassed. his image has taken a hit. it's hard to say. people prejudge you based on what they saw on television.
7:27 pm
he is going toing in as a rookie. this is very hard. >> do you think anyone is going to take him? >> i think so but i don't mow how he will be drafted. he was a great college player but in the combine he didn't score good in his drills. he ran a slow 40 time. >> so he may have been affected negatively by himself. he may have been carrying that baggage. >> they take all that into consideration it's a huge background process to go through. >> geraldo: you should be commentator. why don't you get one of those shows in espn. why do you want to go out on the field and beat up more? >> because i love the game of football. it's been part of my life since i was seven years old. i haven't lost the desire to run
7:28 pm
the ball and win a championship. >> geraldo: on or off the field we'll be looking for you. >> geraldo: steven told us he had been signed by the atlanta falcons where he is going to team up with future hall of famer, tony gonzalez who decided to postpone retirement for one more year. watch out for the falcons in the year to come. up next, there is nothing retiring about dennis rodman the man they called the worm. we'll be here to tell you about everything from north korea to the new pope. what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful.
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the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. live from america's news headquarters. i'm anita vogel in los angeles. health officials are assessing hundreds of people for risk of rabies. this following the death of a maryland man infected by a transplanted kidney. the transfer donor's organs went to patients in four states. in maryland about 200 medical workers, community members and family members were assessed. seton university is mourning the tragic death of the winning lacrosse coach who was pregnant.
7:33 pm
she and her unborn child died in a bus crash. quigley and her team was en route to a game when her bus crashed. two other victims were flown to hospital and remaining 19 on board were taken as a precaution. >> follow me! >> geraldo: even before the election of francis the first ever pope from the new world, millions of americans were
7:34 pm
tuning into the bible the mini series that has been the number one rated show for the past two weeks. i am delighted to welcome the executive producers of the bible to show. mark burnett and his talented wife roma. thanks for coming on. terrific. what a wonderful program you have put together. it really is delightful. you have quite a background first of all before i get to your priestly brother, tell you how you felt about the election of pope francis? >> it's just so delighted. we were glued to the television. phrase that kept being repeated he was a man of the people and he strikes me of a pope of hope. >> geraldo: that is terrific. the church can use the pope of hope? >> it's a time for renew and reconciliation, particularly in the easter season. >> geraldo: as i'm sure this is
7:35 pm
one of world's power couples. you remember roma best in starring role touched by an angel and one of people's most beautiful people and most influential person of the world. you have struck gold again? >>honestly things we like. we make family entertainment. we never made things that you couldn't watch with your kids. roma said she couldn't watch with her old dad. that is what we are about. the bible is another great piece of family entertainment. >> geraldo: i alluded to your brother? >> he has been given and we are grateful for his prayers. we have had the preparation for everybody across the country. we have reached out to pastors and bishops and cardinals faith
7:36 pm
leaders bringing everyone to go to the. we had endorsements from all denominations. >> geraldo: hollywood is not considered a spiritual place. did you feel awkward to present the project? >> i went to everybody. i think everybody realized this could be huge and nobody would underestimate us. a little eye rolling but not today. nobody is rolling their eyes anymore. >> geraldo: not with the number one program on television. are you surprised? >> we are grateful. we are not surprised. we know that the predominant people of nation are people of faith and lots of americans go to church. people are hungry for this. people are very hungry for god and hope. >> geraldo: yet with the separation of church and state, the bible not taught very much certainly not in your high or
7:37 pm
high school. in college it is an elective. what do you think about that aspect? you were irish and in the army and all of the rest of it but is it awkward to tell people, watch this show and learn a little bit about the foundation of western civilization? >> we believe it should be taught in school maybe not as religion but history. we think it's amazing that there are so many people that don't know these fabulous stories and should. it is the cornerstone of our culture of art and literature. even if you didn't believe in the bible, you can tune in and come away knowing that it is a fabulous story well told. >> geraldo: indeed. here are some of phrases you quote in the "wall street journal" op-ed piece. why public schools should teach the bible. to straight and narrow. out of the mouths of babes. extra mile.
7:38 pm
a drop in the bucket. stumbling block. all biblical phrases. >> first ever written in the king james bible in 1611. so millions of people not realizing they are quoting the bible. >> geraldo: this episode coming up sunday, very special, roma, because you bridge the gap between the old and new? >> and jesus is coming. jesus is going to be on the screen. we have the nativity scene. we have the baptdism by john the baptismist. and fasting and the mission begins. >> geraldo: you do have quite a knowledge. here a clip and preview for our viewers
7:39 pm
zbleitsd freedom to worship. >> they are testing their loyalty. >> geraldo: change the world he did. the church did. my goodness. what timing to run before easter just days after this election of a new pope. it must be feeling very -- i don't know what is it. is eight spit you'll success? >> we feel humbled. >> good is moving. >> this is the one. this time at his death we have new pope and millions of americans are talking every day
7:40 pm
about the bible and god. it is great what we wanted. a conversation. >> geraldo: the special effects not generally seen in a major project. this is like big screen stuff. >> last thing they said to us before we left in six months. it was regarding special effects. don't make it lame. [ laughter ] >> geraldo: you certainly didn't make it lame. you made it brilliantly. i congratulated you on your great success. its wonderful project on the history channel. >> they have written two books to go along with the mini series. one is a novelized version of the whole series. the other is hundred daily inspirations. why is the leading democrat in the new york mayor's race and top official from ireland skip
7:41 pm
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a cancer survivor, and a tempur-pedic owner. >>. >> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. despite the snow green was the color of the day and hundreds of thousands lined fifth avenue and parade routes in other cities to celebrate st. patrick's day. at times the peaceful parade did have a few controversies. leading democrat in the mayor's
7:45 pm
race that is not only irish but a lesbian citing the decision to ban organized gay groups from the parade. top officials, emmon gilmore passed on savannah's parade because the dinner down there was for men only. should gays have a lemon right to march and should women have a right to dine? let's ask faith jenkins and fox news analyst. faith, on the gay banner issue first, was christine quinn right should the gay marchers been allowed to march? >> this is private group. they have a right. they are protected by the first amendment. they ever right to first amendment. this is allowing gays to march doesn't mean they should have to. they have their own rights, as
7:46 pm
well. >> i think mayor koch was the mayor. it's a misnomer to say they are not able to match. they can't march to say what they do. you and i can't go out there and march with a big sign that says we are straight gays and we love women with big butts. it's a religious parade. it's st. patrick's. it's not dominican day parade. the religious leaders have made a decision upheld by the court. >> geraldo: you can't get more irish than christine quinn. >> they don't have to include every expression. >> geraldo: how about the ladies in savannah? >> a private organization, private dinner. they have right to say these are the people we are inviting. that is the key here. >> it's like the columbian
7:47 pm
lawyers association. italian-american lawyers organization. it's the same thing. women can have their own dinner and not invite the men. >> geraldo: so not marching with a political decision not a legal decision? >> she has every right to march. she can't anoungs what she likes in the bedroom the same way you and i can't. >> you may not agree with the parade organizers. >> geraldo: we'll argue and give a thumbs up to the st. patrick's day parade and hibernia society dinner they did what is legal and appropriate. and the trial over now. stiubenville rape trial, 16-year-old victim says she was raped. she says she has testified that she cannot recall what happened that night. this child cannot remember. she says she passed out. she woke up naked in a strange
7:48 pm
house. now bearing in mind that the state says that she too wasted to give her consent. she was someone who was prone to do these kinds of things. she consented to sex. which side benefits from her lack of memory? prosecutor, you go first? >> it absolutely benefits the defense. in rape cases when you have a victim who is intoxicated, it is very difficult to get a conviction because they can't remember. how can you convict beyond a reasonable doubt if they can't remember. this case is different because there is eyewitnesses. here on friday you had two boys who testified and testified about the alleged act that occurred. they actually witnessed it. if the judge believes it the two guys are looking at being convicted. >> can i put prosecutor hat?
7:49 pm
she was so intoxicated she can't tell you accurately what happened, therefore how can we argue she was able to give her consent that night. if she is so intoxicated she can't remember, she is so intoxicated she can't consent and if she can't consented you have to find them liable. >> geraldo: you know as well as i do there are corroborating witnesses to this child. there is people that she was happened and it was corroborated by other witnesses, conviction? >> i agree. the theory here it happened without her consent. so i think the fact shoe that she can't remember helps the prosecutor because it helps the prosecutor because the theory if she can't remember, then she can't consent. >> geraldo: do we both agree there is a conviction coming, all of us? >> because this is. i would say it's so hard to get a conviction. because its judge, i think the
7:50 pm
text messages and corroborating statements. >> there is a ruling coming tomorrow on sunday. thank you so much. the worm has turned diplomat. flamboyant apprentice dennis rodman just two minutes away. de? it's made only from prunes, nothing else. it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. stay fit on the inside with sunsweet's amazing juices. that work the way you wish they would. like a front-end loader you can detach from your seat? or a mower deck you just drive over
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>>. >> geraldo: regarded a as basketball's best rebounded with michael jordan and chicago bulls. dennis rodman returned to rome just in time to join the fry are as club. that come got on his case and celebrity apprentice and extraordinary journey to north
7:54 pm
korea two years before the young dictator kim jong un threatened to incinerate america with nuclear missiles. we spoke at friar's club. >> how busy can one man be? >> it was awesome. and north korea was awesome. >> geraldo: so let's start with the latest thing first in rome. why were you in rome and were you impressed by the election of the new pope? >> the power there is awesome. one thing, no joke. i didn't want to try to advertise myself to mark the pope. one thing i did was i thought he would be black. >> geraldo: you wanted a black pope? >> one thing he was the favorite so all of a sudden that whole new thing. alley, again. argentina, right?
7:55 pm
whoa, dude, come on. he was all of a sudden. >> geraldo: were you disappointed that we didn't get a black pontiff? >> i said, guess what, to be black, white, yellow or green but keep the hope of faith. that is all i said. >> geraldo: are you a religious person or a person with faith or spirituality. >> yes. all the years you have known me. that's right. . what's droid-smart ?
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with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful.